A little about us.

Welcome to Majeih. Majeih opened its doors in Westminster, CA in September 2020, although it's been in the making for many years. Our family has a long history in the clothing business. Initially we began by creating clothing for others. Although the idea of having our own clothing brand was always in the back of our minds, it was never the right time. Until now. We are a family that originates from Mexico and Guatemala. We have experienced many struggles and obstacles along the way like many others. Throughout it all, we have managed to turn those struggles into something positive.

At Majeih, we believe that freedom is a state of mind. As cliche as it sounds, we believe with a positive mentality, dedication and perseverance, you can achieve the impossible. Our company is built on these values and we'd like our brand to represent that. Our mission is to create good quality products that also make a statement. We want to empower our customers to do better and look good while doing it. We want to spread positivity, inclusivity and kindness because the world needs more of it. If you're shopping with us, that means you feel the same and we're happy to have you! Thanks for shopping with Majeih!